FROM BEYOND the new Shredweiser video

March 29, 2018

We are proud to announce after a long time coming the release of the final installment to the Shredweiser Saga. This Friday, March 30th FROM BEYOND will be available for download as a VOD and DVD. Featuring full length sections of Miguel Angel Ramos Wild Bill Chris Dafick Erik Stokley Jay Ralph Cottrell Nico Magalhaes and Matty Schrock with a run time of 53 minutes of action packed footage. Lost tapes from Spain, a full length Shredweiser section and another homie section featuring John Bolino Joey Chase Sammy Chase Philip Moore Ray Kronenberg Sascha Simms  Xathan Stewart John Vossoughi BJ Bernhardt Parker Richardson Brian Shima Seba Seufferheld Jey McFly Brian Khonsu Bina Billy O’Neill Tylor the Destroyer and many more

Thank you to everyone who made these good times possible, and to everyone who had had our back through out the years, and hell, even the ones who didnt.

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